How To Tie a Toga and Instructions on How to Make a Toga.

Toga ! Toga !

That's right its toga time! This site was developed to help all who want to learn how to tie a toga, how to make a toga and throw one heck of a toga party. From college parties to Halloween costume parties, TIE A TOGA has the resources you need to look your best and party with the best. We are always looking for new ideas, stories and pictures of others who have mastered this university tradition. So grab some laurel leafs and a bed sheet, we're going to have a raging roman time!

DISCLAIMER: Before reading the instructions below on How To TIE A Toga we strongly advise you to watch, the 1978 John Landis American movie classic, Animal House. If you already have seen the movie then you may proceed. NOTE: Watching Animal House multiple times will help generate Roman spirit, increased toga awareness and laughter.

How to Tie a Toga

The basic, I have 2 minutes, poor mans toga:

There are a few different ways to make and tie a toga. Here we will illustrate the simple bed sheet toga. Materials needed: twin bed sheet (spot free) and four safety pins. ( 2 extra safety pins, for safety's sake, mom would be proud).

FIRST: Hold sheet horizontal and wrap sheet around waste 1-2 times. (each person has a different sheet to body ratio you can figure this out).

SECOND: Safety pin where they meet.

THIRD: Take remaining sheet and go over either shoulder.

FOURTH: Bring back to waist and safety pin or just tuck it in.

The basic, I have 3 minutes, poor woman's toga:

According to history women never wore togas but who cares, history class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-4 PM. Women have 2 options when making or tying a toga. Women can tie the above toga or tie a stola. Stola materials needed: 2 single or twin bed sheets, 4 safety pins and 2 shower curtain rings.

FIRST: Separately, Hold up each sheet long ways and fold in sides so it is no wider than you are.

SECOND: Separately, Fold each folded sheet a foot shorter than you are tall, and safety pin. (this folded over part will be the BOTTOM of the stola).

THIRD: ake both folded sheets by the TOP 2 corners and slide the shower curtain rings over them. Pull through enough to tie a knot. These are the beautiful plastic brooches that will rest on your shoulders. (shoulders can be safety pinned instead of using rings).

FOURTH: Drop combined sheets over head, and safety pin on the sides at the waist. A draped neckline is optional. Add a ribbon or belt to go around the waist.

The basic poor persons laurel leaf head piece:

One could use a coat hanger, cut and bent to fit your melon. Add fake or real leafs. Be creative, but a MSU Spartan basketball head band seems to do the trick. I only say this because they are green. (sparty on)